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@cute2eat_bakery is a project accompanied by Reem Failakawi and she can make you a cake with any model or shape you like! it’s really amazing the way she work, her cake is true too cute to be eaten!

Reem started her project 2 years ago and mastered what she do as different models and amazing looks of cakes a year ago with her staff and can make you any shape of cake you like as you order as replica.


I’ll show you what kind of cakes she makes, i’ll post all the pictures i have i can’t stop looking at them as it’s amazed me that cakes could be shaped like this :p check them OUT!

By the way you can find Cute 2 Eat on Proud to be Kuwaiti.

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PS: Reem is a big fan of Manchester United. :p




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Yup it was her cake, she made the cake for the opening of Millions of Milkshakes.



Size doesn’t matter with Cute 2 Eat Bakery and everything is possible, If you would like to make an order call them or Whatsapp them on 69607030 you can contact them from 9AM till 9 PM and make sure you order days before your occasion so they’ll have time to make it perfect for you.

So give them a visit and see for yourself their amazing creations.

My next birthday cake definitely going to be from her. :p

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