SkyFall jump from @AlHamraTower tomorrow!

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This is it, A BASE JUMP for the first time ever in Kuwait and off the highest tower: Al Hamra Tower!

World Base Jumping Champion Chris “Douggs” McDougall will perform this daring jump on the 8th of March at 1PM at
Al Hamra tower in Kuwait City.

The jump will be from the top of Al Hamra tower and the high will be 414 meter.

BASE jumping is when a person effects a safe egress from one of the four categorized “Fixed Objects” using only a BASE specific parachute to decelerate your descent to an acceptable level.The acronym BASE evolved from the object jumped from; “B” for Building, “A” for Antenna, “S” for Span and “E” for Earth.

i found this on his Facebook page hehe:




These are one of his jumps.

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