Are you ready to make a new Guinness record for Kuwait? @kuwaitna2guines

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A group of Kuwait youth are working right now and looking for people to volunteer in this event as they are going to make the biggest human flag of 5000 people gathering at the same time wearing Kuwait colors.

This Event will be held in Sabah Al-Salem Stadium (Al-Arabi Club located in Al-Mansouriah) on the 8th of November .

It’s also supported by the Amiri Diwan of the State of Kuwait and and people whom representing the flag will be 5000 student each wearing a separate color, there will be also a singing Operetta.

so they should get this ready right in time and they have 44 days to get this job done, so if you’re interested in volunteering to help organizing this event please call 55855950 / 55110897 or contact them on Twitter: @kuwaitna2guines .

PS: don’t mind the typo’s.

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  1. Kuwaitiful says:

    5,000 People? In 2008 the largest human flag was 11,500 people by Singapore.

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