40% internet subscription fee lower in Kuwait

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The Minister of Communications and acting Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Salem Al-Othainah issued yesterday a deision that obliges internet- providers to slash subscription fees for domestic connections by at least 40 pct. The prices reduction is the second called for by the minister during his time in office, he mentioned, and aims to ensure the availability of the service to all segments of the society.

In addition, the decision prevents the bandwidth cap policy for wi-fi services, read a press statement. The maximum subscription fee for domestic internet services, after the decision, were set as:

  • KD 48 for 1 MB/sec
  • KD 77 2 MB/s
  • KD 104 for 3 MB/s
  • KD 130 for 4 MB/s
  • KD 148 for 5 MB/s
  • KD 156 for 6 MB/s
  • KD 183 for 7 MB/s
  • KD 200 for 8 MB/s.

The statement said that the decision will take effect as of the date of its announcement in official newspapers. — KUNA

I’m so happy to hear that!! so make sure before you upgrade your connection of get a new one that the company you’re subscribing to had already updated their pricing list.

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