Google Maps Now Includes Real-Time Traffic Data for Kuwait

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This new service is really amazing, as lately i hate going out cause i don’t want to get stuck in the traffic but i don’t think i’ll be suffering this any more thanks to Google.

Recently they have activated real-time traffic data for Kuwait do you’ll know how the streets are doing and where are the crowded places and where are not, so you can get to where ever you want easily.

I’ve tried this service to make sure that it’s really accurecy and i was shocked to see that it is really updated time by time, you can check it online by just going to Google Maps or if you have an Android mobile, i’ve tried it on HTC One x, Samsung Galaxy S II and Samsung Galaxy S III.

So as you can see on the Map after activating the “Traffic” option this is what you see, Do you want to know how they get this data? you’d be amazed even more.

As we all know, the traffic layer is available most accurately in several states in USA. Most major metro areas in the US have sensors embedded in their highways. These sensors track real time traffic data. Easy to miss at high speeds (hopefully anyway, traffic permitting), more commonly noticed may be the similar sensors that often exist at many busy intersections that help the traffic lights most efficiently let the most amount of people through. The information from these tracking sensors is reported back to the Department of Transportation (DOT). The DOT uses this data to update some of the digital signs that report traffic conditions in many metro areas. They also openly share much of this frequently updated data out, which is how Google reportedly gets this data for the major highways in the metro areas it offers traffic reporting for.

Google has now also crowd sourced the collection of real time traffic data via mobile phones.The way in which they are doing this is pretty cool, and may prove to be a way to some day provide quality real time traffic data for all roadways. If you have a Google Maps installed on a mobile phone with GPS capabilities enabled, your location can be transmitted to Google in real time, allowing them to determine the fact that you are on a particular road and traveling at a certain pace. When Google combines your speed with the speed of other phones on the road, across thousands of phones moving around a city at any given time, they can get a pretty good picture of live traffic conditions. Google continuously combines this data and sends it back to you for free in the Google Maps traffic layers. In this way, Google can now offer traffic reports for secondary roadways, routes not necessarily containing DOT sensors.

So here you have it, Google just basically get the data from Android users and that’s a very good thing,,, so that means Google knows where you are and collect data from your mobile,,, spooky?! Privacy?! Don’t be so sensitive about it, it’s for your own good. :p

Cheer up iPhone users don’t have this service. :p

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