#Anonymous message about the #GoDaddy ddos

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4 Days ago GoDaddy.com was ddos-ed by a member of Anonymous group @AnonymousOwn3r and it was down for hours and taking down millions of websites with it it was a big embarrassing for GoDaddy, a lot of users were effected by this blackout and today Anonymous made a video message about this incident.

By now everyone is aware that GoDaddy.com was down, which has had an domino affect on countless websites, email, and other services around the world.

Godaddy sopport SOPA and yank websites offline anytime they want without warning.

Now sure Godaddy now claims they support SOPA only after it hurt their pockets. They will say anything to keep their under-valued customers.

Imagine what hundreds of members can do. Fight for your Online Freedom! Join the cause and wake up! Stop being sheep and letting the goverment censor your online freedom!

Small business owners had a bad day because of the GoDaddy hack. Chances are your girl/boyfriend gave you way much more bad days.

We’d like to point out that the hosting company, which currently runs millions of people’s sites around the world, is now putting SOPA into full effect. Not only have they shut down sites before, but because of what the sites contain. Many Anonymous have hosted on Go Daddy’s domains, and almost none of them have lasted longer than a month.

Again, Go Daddy has shown us, as many companies before it, that the gov’t controls most of the mainstream media and hosting and other venues, and should not even be considered friendly. Recent publications on Trapwire and Abraxas Corp. have shown that we can not trust these elected officials. Think about when you are voting, are you really being given a choice in the matter; when you watch TV with your family, are you watching what you want or what the gov’t wants you to see? Open your eyes America–indeed the world as a whole–and realize that your rights, given to you by your forefathers, are being stripped away. One by one they are falling. Step up and do something.


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