[Video] Norway’s 100-Year-Old Mystery Package Opened

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The people in the small town of Otta in Norway waited 99 years and 363 days to open the package, which was sealed in 1912 by then-mayor Johan Nygaard.

But when a small ceremony was held yesterday to reveal its contents, many were left a little disappointed.

Inside the package? Surprise! Another package! Inside that, much to my dismay, was not an increasingly small series of packages leading to a pea. Instead, the interior package contained a number of fabrics in the color of Norway’s flag – “from the King,” said one of the package openers. Under the fabric the curators found notebooks, newspapers, a letter, a small drawing, some community council papers and other bits of paper.

Among the newspapers were clippings from 1914 and 1919, suggesting that perhaps the package had been added to after it was originally assembled in 1912. Still, the curators confirmed that the package contents were indeed from the first two decades of the twentieth century.

“This is like gold to us museum folks,” announced the female opener, speaking in English.

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