Microsoft gets a new logo

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For the first time in 25 years, Microsoft is changing its corporate logo.

Microsoft, which has used its solid, boldfaced, italicized logo since 1987, is expected to unveil its new, more colorful logo Thursday at the Boston opening of the 23rd Microsoft store. It will also appear Thursday at the Seattle and Bellevue Microsoft stores, as well as on the home page.

The new logo, which incorporates a multicolored Windows symbol in addition to the “Microsoft” name in straightforward, lighter type, is intended to “signal the heritage but also signal the future — a newness and freshness,” said Jeff Hansen, Microsoft’s general manager of brand strategy.

Here are Microsoft’s logo history:

Microsoft “blibbet” logo, filed August 26, 1982 at the USPTO and used until 1987.

Microsoft “Pac-Man” logo, designed by Scott Baker and used since 1987, with the 1994–2002 slogan “Where do you want to go today?”.

Microsoft logo as of 2006–2011, with the slogan“Your potential. Our passion.”

Logo by Microsoft with the slogan“Be What’s Next.” 2011–2012.

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