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i love cupcakes so much that i can live only eating them :p and today i bring you one of the best cupcakes stores ever it’s Juju’s, i’ve tried it for the first time at work, one of my friends birthday so i’ve tried it and since then it had won my love :p.

i was looking for an occasion so i can buy a lot of them cupcakes to take home and happily it was my niece birthday she just become 2 years old and i had to bring the treats for everyone and my first choice was Juju’s and here is what i’ve ordered.

a 49 mini cupcake and one normal cupcake so i’ll enjoy it before the birthday party :p this cupcake is so delicious i would die to eat and i’m not kidding around you won’t know till you give it a try, any how i’ve asked my parents and relative to say how much do they think those mini cupcakes costs? some say 20 kd some 30 kd and even some 35 kd…

but it was actually only 9 KD’s 😀 how do you like that for all those cupcakes mix and magnificent taste only 9 kd, they have even a bigger box with 69 mini cupcakes i think for 16 KD and a smaller one i don’t remember how many pieces for 6 KD.

my baby costs 0.750 fils a piece and i’ve also ordered 3 mini cookies to give them a try they were so fresh and tasty i ate before i got home to take the pictures :p i like how all their work is always fresh


i’ve pre-ordered them 1 day before so i can take them in the morning, they have so many collection’s if you want for kids party with shapes like “hello kitty” and christmas and others.

Location & Contact:

Juju’s Cupcakes is located in Al-Fanar mall on the ground floor near the elevators.
Home Delivery: 2572-2999
Twitter: @Jujuskw
Website:  http://www.jujuscupcake.com

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