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spam is such a pain in the a$$ specially in blogs, i get daily about 60 – 80 spam comments a day and i have to delete them one by one to make sure if they are from true humans or not and believe me it’s not fun to do so, so i had to look around for something to help me with this issue and thank god i found this great plugin for my blog called √Spam Free WordPress.

it blocks spam automatically, in two days it has blocked 84 spam comment and no more spam for me, it’s for free and easy to use.

Spam Free WordPress Features

  1. Automatically blocks 100% of automated comment spam
  2. Local manual spam and ban policy set with local IP address blocklist
  3. Global manual spam and ban policy set with remote IP address blocklist
  4. Significantly reduces database load compared to other spam plugins
  5. Zero false positives
  6. Option to strip HTML from comments
  7. No CAPTCHA, cookies, or Javascript needed
  8. Saves time and money by eliminating the need to empty the comment spam folder
i’m currently using it on WordPress Version 3.2.1 and it’s working perfectly.
to download it *CLICK HERE* or to visit the official website *CLICK HERE*

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