a walking zombie

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yup that is what i’m now right now, i have a pallid face, red eye and a black lid…

i need to have some rest from work and i should have some rest, but what can i say i’m a workaholic person and i love to stay awake for late hours at night watching movies or whatever, i sleep about 4-5 hours a day then go to work and when i get out from work i don’t come back home till 1 am,,,

i’m really starting to have a heart ache cause i don’t sleep well and people tell me this isn’t good for me when i grow old there will be some side effects cause of this,,,

i should take a vacation for like 30 days and sleep with no worries but i’m a afraid if i take that kind of vacation i won’t come back to work hehhehhee,,, or i just should sleep like normal people do “NOT” 😛

anyways have a good morning to you all.

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  1. Seema* says:

    Good evening! ;P

    You shouldn't push yourself hard. Take a break, enjoy yourself a little. And sleep more!

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