i love,,, ugly girls

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i’ve discovered recently that i like ugly girls and i don’t know why 😡 i find them really attractive,,, you know those fat ugly girls or skinny one’s i don’t care i love you all, i mean they need love don’t they? they’re humans they can’t survive without love,,,

I’m not saying that cause I’m ugly or any thing I’m OK in away or another ior i guess hehe, but I’ve seen a lot of people say inappropriate comments about them and make fun of the way they look and say it right in the face!,,, what if it was you? put yourself in their place, people see you as a walking monster or a freak, wouldn’t you wish if you just drop dead or a plane fall upon you 😡 LOL

so please ladies and gentelman show them some LOVE! ;P

i love you all

13 responses to “i love,,, ugly girls”

  1. أمل الكويت says:

    if we dont like how ugly girls or boys look doesnt mean that we dont love them or respect them! everybody has the right to be respected as long as he shows that respect .. its not their fault if they r ugly 🙂 thank u 3bod

  2. q8Honey says:

    “Lawla i5tilaf il athwaq la barrat il sila3” ;D

  3. Nemo says:

    interesting but 9ara7a …
    me no understand?

    do you like or dislike ppl depending on how they look?

  4. Hellraiser says:

    Sorry dude there is nothing called ugly, this is an insult to people, we are all different people from different walks of life, what you might define ugly can be considered beautiful by others and the other way around. Looks are not everything in life.

  5. Free_Moi says:


    there must be something in the air

    you are turning into sooooooo sweet person

    so your post means that you love me 😛
    coz am a fat ugly gurl 😛

    no just kidding with you

  6. BLaSha says:

    i second q8honey!

  7. outlaw says:

    أمل الكويت:
    thank you for passing ;P

    q8honey & blasha:
    i'm not saying "love" in the "lover" way i mean let's show them some respect and stop comment at them in a bad way 😡

    hi my man,,, me are say that look's doesn't matter at all, people should look beyond looks 😡

    you got me all wrong, read the second paragraph, i'm saying that some people make fun of them callin' them ugly, and i'm saying i don't care even if they're called "ugly" i love everyone, looks aren't everything.

    i love every one,,,, exept you!

  8. Princess says:

    LOL i totally understand but i dnt love them because someone has to love them, its just that ugly men really appeal to me hheehehehe

  9. Cat says:

    I am sure they love you back 🙂

  10. eshda3wa says:

    if u find them attractive then how can u call em ugly?

  11. outlaw says:

    lol don’t love them but don’t hate them 😛

    thank you i guess :$

    i’m saying since people call them ugly i don’t care what they call them i love them, or respect them at least

  12. ♥ P-Ella ♥ says:

    i dont think ugly people consider themselves as uglier but only saying it@@
    who cares as long as we are all human then be it 😉

  13. asma says:

    thanks for your words
    i was need to hear that

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