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i have this strange thing,,, you know when you get upset at someone or have a fight with any one then you stop talking to this person? it happens to me and to every one BUT!!! when i fight with any one or break up with any one and a year or month pass i just forget what\why the hell did i stop talking to that person!! 😡

i know it’s crazy,,, i think I’m crazy 😡

so anyways i was just wondering, does this happens to any one else? or is it just me? 😡

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  1. Ruby Redux says:

    Arguments happen and it’s normal, like you said, but if you forget, maybe deep down, you don’t think it was that big of a deal. Maybe you got over it.

    It’s odd that you totally forget, in my opinion… How?

  2. outlaw says:

    you’re asking me how? 😡 i don’t even know how, it’s not even small problems what i forget, they are HUGE!!!

    and i totaly forget everything all the details about the thing 😐

  3. Cat says:

    Yes. It happens with me. I don’t forget that we broke up and we r not speaking to each other anymore. I only forget the reason why we did so!

  4. outlaw says:

    yeah thats what i’m talking about 😡 i can’t remember why!! 😡

  5. Missy says:

    ilnesyaan ne3ma!! 😛

  6. Ghasheema says:

    thats a great trait wallah

    you have a very kind heart and inshallah it will always stay that way 🙂

  7. TOUCHE' says:

    Yeah it happens a lot to me and I find comfort in that, because it tells me that I’m not holding any grudges against others and deep inside, if it is forgotten then it had been forgiven.

  8. Free_Moi says:

    it happenes to me all the time

    i tend to forget alot
    not forgive but forget why did i get angry so i stop bieng mad
    beside i hate when there is someone in the world i can’t talk to
    fa it’s normal

  9. logical princess says:

    i guess ena that is a great thing in you
    but it also not a good thing
    cuse you’ll never know whats the intention of the person that u had these huge fight with

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