Cinescape & The Refreshments

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Cinescape is the only cinema company in Kuwait and since there is only one company,,, you’ll get the image,,,

they movies are mostly late and show old movies that some times been over a year since the movie is released in the US, and pick the silliest movies ever i don’t know why! and they’ll give you a movie discount,,, i know you’re wondering how’s that?! if the movie’s runtime is 120 minute you can see it in 60 minute only in Kuwait 😀 now how about that? no other country can serve that kind of offers to the viewers 😛

lately they’ve increased the price of the tickets from 2.5 KD to 3 KD, and in Monday’s 1.5 KD i guess they knew there’s going to be salary increasing BUT WHY THE HELL WOULD THEY SELL A CHOCOLATE FOR 500 FILS?! i mean com on : a pack of Maltesers for 500 fils? the prices are getting ridiculously high and someone gotta stop this !@#%^&

i go to the movies once in about 3 months or more and i don’t know why,,, i gotta stop going to the cinema in kuwait.

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  1. New Bride says:

    wee3 i hate cinema in kuwait i stopped going there long time ago , o 9a7 klamik elfilm mg6aa3 tag6ee3 7adda
    i was shocked they rise the prices madree 3la shnoo

    i was in kuala lumpur before 2 weeks we went to new movie and we booked the “Love Seats” we were 2 only for 1 KD 300 Fils !! o 7ada wanasa wel krasee moree7a 7adhaa

    off 3a9bt

  2. Cat says:

    go for DVDs .. a7la w ar5a9 w el aflam yededa 🙂

  3. Bashar says:

    500 FILS! These are new prices right?

    I really hate Kuwait cinema, and how they abuse their exclusive power, thinking we have no other choice.

    I used to go to cinema at least twice a month. But their recent practices, low quality movies sometimes, distorted images, noise with movies, made me rethink it all over seriously. I only go once every few months now as there aren’t so many places to go, and as a change for family timeout.

    It’s true how they show movies in less than 60 minutes! They point is, ministry of information does the censoring. Well if it’s so bad just don’t show it, or give discounted price, or the least tell final showtime after censoring so that we get to decide.

  4. Bashar says:

    Ohh, by the way. I think best thing is to invest in your own home theater. It will cost more definitely, but you get to enjoy what you want, whenever you want.

    And, get PS3 on top of it and enjoy Blu-Ray and top games 😉

  5. BLaSha says:

    i neva go there anymore 🙂

  6. Missy says:

    ams w7da called me tabeekk!!! 😉

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