The Fifth International Cultural Festival – المهرجان الثقافي الدولي الخامس

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we had “The Fifth International Cultural Festival” in our university and today was the last day of the festival, it was great watching all other countries cultur and to see all the good stuff about other countries, i was amusing myself by giving kuwait flags to girls and guys in KSA, Bahrain, Oman and other […]

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Cinescape & The Refreshments

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Cinescape is the only cinema company in Kuwait and since there is only one company,,, you’ll get the image,,, they movies are mostly late and show old movies that some times been over a year since the movie is released in the US, and pick the silliest movies ever i don’t know why! and they’ll […]

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i’m 21

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Happy Birthday To Me 21 PS: finally legal 😛

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