ahhh tired

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it’s been about two months since i left egypt and the apartment is sooo dirty and dusty so we had to clean the floor and the rooms but ohh well at least now we can feel comfortable and clean ^__^ i feel tired but i can’t sleep maybe cause i’m used to my bed in q8 😡 it’s 2:15 AM i think i’ll read a book or watch some dvd’s,,,
good night folks

5 responses to “ahhh tired”

  1. Happy Wolf says:

    Happy Blogging !

  2. eshda3wa says:

    7mdlea 3al salama
    allah y3eenik 3al gare9

  3. Missy says:

    il7mdellah 3al salamma ya bash mohandes .. ezayak el nahar dah!! :p

  4. kechie-chan says:

    el.7emd lellah 3al.salaMa BrO !
    mwaFag inshallah ;=]

  5. outlaw says:

    happy wolf:
    lol i hope i don’t (talking about ur first comment) 😛
    and thx 😛

    allah yesalmej
    men 9jej? ma mdany yom wa7d oo jsmy kela jgr9

    allah ysalmej lol walla ur funny 😀

    allah yesalmej oo thx 😀
    btw are taking a break from blogging or is it just u got bored from it? 😡

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