want to play a scary/funny trick on someone? Peter Answers

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first all you need for this trick is your victim sitting next to you,,,
ok now here’s a site that claims that there is a ghost or a soul named “Peter” and it will answer all your questions, but it’s just to trick your victim,,, ok now the site name is


once you open the site you’ll see to empty places that you need to fill them up, there’s the petition (wich you’ll be entring the question’s hiddin answer in it without your victim knowing that) and there’s the question

so in the instructions it says “You can make the petition by writing either: Peter, please answer the following question: or Peter, please answer: in the petition space” but just ignore that you won’t write any petition you’ll write in there the answer and here’s how you’ll do it,,,

in the petition bar hit (dot) –> . then write you’re answer and then (dot) –> . again and if your petition isn’t complete you should complete it by writing “Peter, please answer” or if your answer is too big make it like this “Peter, please answer the following question” then hit the two dots –> :
and write the answer and in the end of the answer put a question mark,,,

so your petition will be the hiddin answer here’s an example:
what you’ll write in the petition: .stupid.
but it’ll show you that you’ve writin: “Peter, p”
all you have to do is complete it to “Peter, please answer” the type :
then write the question like “what do my friends call me?” it’ll show the answer is “stupid”

if you can’t understand how it work (it’s really easy) watch this video

How To Do Peteranswers.comFunny home videos are a click away

have fun 😀

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  1. cixousianpanic says:

    oooh its too complicated! Malait from only reading the steps.

    btw. cool blog. o yea I want ba6ee5! 😛

  2. ReD Lady™ says:

    ybeela g3da oo trkeez lol .. t38dt tra ..

  3. outlaw says:

    lol kel hatha 9a3ab? even with the video?

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