Ahmedi’s Carnival 2007

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i took this trip on the first day of Ahmedi’s Carnival 2007 and it was really fun, alot of family’s and people from kuwait and visitors from other countries were there but sadly my cam just broke so i had to use my phone’s cam, oh well better than nothin, ok i’ll show you some pic’s:


this guy was warming up b4 the show begins


some rope move’s


some pics of the The Scientific Center about the sea nature and saving sea creatures


fresh 9aaj, there was alot of restaurants there like pizza hut, chili’s, kababji, Paul & alot more and you can always get your free coffee from the nescafe’s man


singing with the camels 😛


some dangerous women playing with fire


can’t start a carnival without a clown, can you?!
our feets were there too 😛 jk
they gave me this ‘BOOM BOOM” drink at the strong man contest hehehe it’s for free
ok now the fireworks, i love fireworks 😀

after that there was a motorcycle’s show

i didn’t take any good pictures of the bikes show cause they were fast and phone cam’s suck!

and there was a small kids theatre & a climbing place and alot of stuff 😀

i had alot of fun


5 responses to “Ahmedi’s Carnival 2007”

  1. Broke says:

    I went there to see the decorative lights be4 the festival .. It was fabulous .. But couldn’t go anytime during the past weekend .. I missed it o wayed me7tarrah .. Coz shakla 9ij wanasah o mat3oob 3alaih .

  2. eshda3wa says:

    7ada its something i would have gone to!
    glad u had fun 😉

  3. ReD Lady™ says:

    niiice 😉

    ahm shay you have fun 😉

  4. Missy says:

    Allaaaay!! seems fun!
    glad u enjoyed ur time..

    is that boom boom? the one in the commerical? haha 😛

  5. san3a_wa_laken says:

    glad that u had fun 🙂

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