happy birthday to me

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well as from today i’m 20 years** old and i don’t wanna grow up 🙁 any one can help me with that?! any how hope this year will be a good year for me and every one who’s birthday is the same day as mine 😛 i’ve seen alot of 20’s people having fun i sure gotta have fun too 😀
happy birthday to me

**i actually shed a tear cause of that

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  1. eshda3wa says:


    wheres the parrrTay?

  2. UmmEl3yal says:

    LOL .. Happy Birthday 🙂

    The secrets for foever young are: Laughing, sleeping well, laughing and drinking plenty of water 😉

  3. Peony says:

    Happy Birthday ! i heard that 20 a7la min 19… but what would i know, im still 19 ;p
    enjoy your day !!

  4. Fonzy says:

    happy birthday, wish u all the best and a properous year:) to answer ur question…. i am 28 years old but all my frineds say i stopped growing at 23. Not cause i am immature for my age or anything, on the contraru I am more mature than many 30 year old guys I met. You can grow in age but with dealing with life, u can be young forever. I decided to hang on to the “having fun’ me when i was 23 and let everything else grow. I think thats the best way to go. Good luck 🙂 ur only 20… enjoy the next 8 years, they r the best! 🙂

  5. cixousianpanic says:

    Ooooh happy birthday!! 😀

    I’m turning 23 in a few days myself and yeah I wish I could turn back time!! I think the perfect age for me was 21 – I wanna go back!

    I would agree with ummel3yal: lotsa wutah!

  6. Kitty says:

    happy birthday

  7. outlaw says:

    mako party 😛 7fla skateya 😛

    i think i’ll give it a try *drinks water*

    well i’m 20 now so i’ll try it and tell you about it 😛

    i hope i’ll know how to deal with the 20s the same way you did and not feel old 😛

    lol alot of birthdays in march 😀

    thank you

    i really want to thank every one for their sweet words it means the world to me 😀

  8. Happy Wolf says:

    Happy B’day Bro !

  9. The Simper says:

    happy happy joy joy.. happy happy b-day 😀

    enjoy ur times..
    enjoy ur days..
    may u live merry times..
    and may u live million days 🙂

  10. Extinct Dodo says:

    happy birthday!! yallah one more year and you’ll be legal 😛

  11. kechie-chan says:

    no wise man wish to be younger =))

    kil 3am wenTa bKHair o a7La haPpy Birthday ~

  12. Missy says:

    VVVVVVVUUUUUUUUUT!! *in a hindi accent* 😛


    where’s the cake? .. DHL me a piece! 😛

  13. Ghasheema says:

    Happyyy Birthdayyy….ur not a teen anymore :\

    they say when ever u have a 0 (like 20,30,40 so on) in ur age…u tend to panic and worry about getting old…..happened to me when i turned 20

    secret to staying young…dont go to the movies at 3 am :PPP

    jk…hope ur having fun as a 20 something years YOUNG person 😀

  14. PiNkiSh says:

    Happy Birthday!

  15. outlaw says:

    happy wolf:
    thanks 😀

    the simper:
    thanks you 😀 and i will 😀

    Extinct Dodo:
    LOL yeah and then i’ll be able to do all the nasty things 😛

    walla e7rajteney 😛 i wanna grow older and older

    lol do you want the chocolate one or the cheese cake? ahh i’ll send them both testahel 😛

    ee walla not a teen a man 😛 no wonder i feel so old cause i’m 20 lol

    thank you 😀


    thank you all :*******~

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