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since 11:30 AM more than 30 army air jet been flying around, they sound real loud even with my closed window i can’t sleep even birds are flying around,,, plz i’m tired i wanna sleep! ohh wait now helicopters, whats next?! any one knows whats going on?!

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  1. Wer3Y says:

    LOL!! thats nothing..
    be ready because Wednesday they going to make ” 3ar’6 3askary ” Army Tanks, Jets, Helicopters And Navy Boats ..
    they going to do it at ” 9ab7an ” 9ab7an will be closed soon for Wednesday.. i think they already Closed it.. as you can see A lot of Navy Boats ” 5afar sawa7el ” from souq sharq to marina mall.. and thats for Hala February ;).. Have a nice day and hard luck

  2. The Criticizer says:

    Yep, they’re rehearsing for Wednesday. It’s nice to have a Military Show. We never really had one that’s worth mentioning so hope this one turns out well.

  3. outlaw says:

    military show huh?! 😐 subhan is 5 minutes away from where i live,,, that means no sleeping on wednesday!!! i gotta find me a quiet place! thank you guys for warning me, I LOVE YOU, YOU’RE THE BEST

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