scary desert storm

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after getting out from Al-Kout cinema at 2:30AM a scary weather was waiting for me i couldn’t see any thing it was a desert storm and the sudden i was on the road i couldn’t see the cars,,, a car about 50 meter away was invisible i was about to crush in it 😡 ohh yeah and now my hair is white hehhehe dusty hair

can you see the end of the street?!

buckle up, drive safe & good night

5 responses to “scary desert storm”

  1. eshda3wa says:

    allah y3eenkom

  2. Ghasheema says:

    testahel…shem 6al3ik ban9as alayali 😛

    ma tshoof carefully

    dusty hair..7ada mo shay…for ur hair to go white as you said…u must have had ALOT OF GEL in ur hair….

    lesh jaw lekuwait chethie 😐

  3. outlaw says:

    ee walah ee walah ee walah

    hehehe a7la shy n9 elleeel hdooo2 oo mafy ez3aaj 😛 oo i don’t use hair gel just my pure hair 😛 men 9ejej enty?? a7la shy bel kuwait el jow, el9b7 tlagenah sh7latah oo el`6hr m6r oo el39r `3bar,,,you can see all the four seasons in one day only in kuwait :P~

  4. kechie-chan says:

    OH el.jaw kan 3aJEEB .. the sky were PINK o rab el.ka3ba it was ;p
    the most funny thing happend that day i’ve heared an old man saying : el.Jaw kela ramil !!
    LOOL ya 7afi’6 ramil marra wa7da yGolon ghbar bs maku mu9er 3al.ramil =\
    hope you enjoyed he movie and driving after it ;=]~

  5. outlaw says:

    the movie was “ok” but the weather was 3jeeb 😀 ramil mara w7da? lol

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