[Review] Heroes Reborn

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*************************SPOILER ALERT*************************

Heroes Reborn

The show is a sequel to Heroes; it starts with a bomb in a convention to bring people with abilities (Evos) and normal humans closer with the Evo Mohinder Suresh claiming responsibility to bomb. Following the footsteps of its predecessor, Noah Bennet and a group of Evos race against time to save the world from another extinction.

For a sequel, the show left many floating questions running in the viewer’s heads, where is Peter, Ando and Tracy Strauss? Who and where is Claire’s husband/boyfriend? And my most favorite of all, why didn’t we get to see the return of worst of the bad Evos turned to good Sylar, which would have been really interesting to see since we only get to see a single episode of goodness.

The show left a huge gap of events, that I personally prefer be filled. I believe that the show should have started where its prequel Heroes ended, with Claire jumping off the tower and revealing for the first time the existence of the Evos.

Also with all the playing around with the timelines, with Hiro Nakamura –and others- going to the past and changing events in it, I feel that the writers did not match the flow of the show to the effects these past visits affected.

At the end, it appears that the writers ran out of ideas to end the world, as the network already announced that there will not be a second season.

IMDB rating: 7.2/10

Trakt: 7.3/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 43%

My rating: 6/10


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