The Hashimite Prince Ali Akbar’s Martyrdom – #Muharram

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After Abbas, came the turn of Ali Akbar, to go to the battlefield. The battle drums of the enemies were now getting louder and louder. It is reported that this eighteen (18) year old son was so very much loved by one and all in the camp that the account of his taking leave of his aunts, sisters, brothers and other relatives is so pathetic that none can resist shedding at least a few tears over the heart-rending event. At last when the Holy Imam sent Ali Akbar, the ‘Ahmad-e-Thani’, i.e., (Muhammad the Second), to the battlefield, he raised his head towards Heaven and said:

“Lord! Here I sent in your way, the one who resembled the most with the Holy Prophet Muhammad, whenever we did desire to have a view of the Holy face departed away from us, we used to look at the face of this youth.”

“Lord! Hussain has one Ali Akbar and he is sent to be sacrificed for your cause, had I many more like him, I would have similarly offered them all in your way.”

Is not this offer more acceptable to God than that of Abraham who offered with his eyes blindfolded? Is not this a Greater Sacrifice than that of Ishmael?

When Ali Akbar went to the battlefield, and faced the enemy with all the bravery that he inherited from his Grandfather Imam Ali (pbuh), it is reported that the enemy forces were so much amazed at his resemblance with the Holy Prophet that such of those who had seen him before, wondered if the Holy Prophet (pbuh) had reappeared in the world to help his dear Grandson Hussain. People were so anxious to have a look at the enchanting beauty of the youth that those in the rear of the enemy’s ranks, mounted on the horses and camels, even stood on the backs of the animals to have a look at the matchless and the wonder striking beauty of this son of the Holy Imam.

Ali Akbar reminded the enemy that his father, Imam Hussain spent his life in the way of Islam, and did no harm to them. By spilling his blood they were making the Holy Prophet (pbuh) very sad. ‘Umar son of Saad’ told his troops not to listen to Ali Akbar, and ordered them to attack him. One by one he fought them with great skill, and killed many of them. Ali Akbar received several wounds, and was losing a lot of blood. The thirst was getting more unbearable. At the moment he longed to see his loved ones for the last time.

Ali Akbar turned his horse back towards his camp. He found his father standing at the entrance of the tent; watching the battle between his beloved thirsty son and the enemy. Holy Hussain congratulated his son and then said “I am sad that I do not have any water to give you.” Ali Akbar met each and every one of his family. They were all in tears because they knew that this time he wasn’t coming back alive.

It was not long before Imam Hussain heard the painful cry from the battlefield. Ali Akbar fell with a fatal wound in his chest. He called out to his father to come to him quickly. Imam Hussain went towards his son; and found him lying in a pool of his own blood. When he saw his son he cried out “Here I am my son, please talk to me.” Ali Akbar was in great pain, the broken end of the lance was sticking out of his chest, and blood was gushing out. Ali Akbar died in his father’s arms. God alone knows what a patient heart the Holy Imam had been endowed with, which never gave way against any catastrophe even that of the loss of such a son. The Holy Imam stood looking at his son dying before his eyes and lifting his head towards Heaven said:

“Lord! It will be quite sufficient for your Hussain if you accept this sacrifice and if you pleased with this humble offer.”

Imam Hussain lifted Ali Akbar carefully, as if protecting him from any more pain. He cried all the way back to his camp.

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