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A few days back Apple had an event to announce the iPhone 5S and 5C officially; a lot of people were waiting to see how the new Apple phones look like and what the specifications are. Well as we know that apple got the new series of its phone “5C” to be as a low end of the iPhone, but the price “standalone” is not quite low as expected; The 16 GB’s edition is about 210 KD’s (Apple UK website) and the 32 GB’s edition is about 246 KD’s which is the same price for the iPhone 5S 16GB’s!!!, if Apple was thinking about this price from the beginning they could have got a 8 GB’s edition from the “5S” which will be for the low budget people and they will also get the features that are in “5S”; now a question popped into your head (What does iPhone 5S have that is not in 5C?); These are the main features that are in “5S” and not in “5C” :


  • The iPhone 5S is lighter than the 5C in 20 Grams; although the 5C has a plastic body but the 5S has an aluminum body.
  • An elegant stylish look that comes in three colors (white, black and the new gold color); thanks for the nice aluminum finish.
  • Finger print sensor (Touch ID).
  • Corning gorilla glass (Anti scratch screen with sharp details).
  • 64 GB’s of storage capacity.
  • Dual LED (True tone) flash; Gives you a better white balance which means more realistic colors in photos.
  • A7 processor instead of the A6 processor in iPhone 5C.

Source: http://www.gsmarena.com


After reviewing the main differences you can see that spending a couple of bucks to get the “5S” is way better than getting the “5C”, Good to know that the iPhone “5S” pre-order will be available on September 20th 2013.


Stay tuned for updates.


PS: This is a guest post from my good friend Hussain Al-Ali, many thanks.

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