#Anonymous launches “The Largest Internet Battle In History” – #OpIsrael

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Anonymous hackers warned to start a cyber war against the Israeli government in a bid to show solidarity and support with the Palestinian people.

The group plans to disrupt the internet operations in the country Sunday.

The anonymous group, code-named “#OpIsrael” said they will launch “the largest internet battle in the history of mankind.”

The group has been exchanging information via social media and other websites in recent days, apparently discussing about what is expected to become a historical attack on Israeli government.

The hacktivists are conducting a massive call to army to recruit new forces and inform all the members of collective of the cyber attack planned against Israeli network infrastructures.

The hacktivists protest against Israeli bombing of Palestinian territory expressing solidarity with the Palestinian people condemning Israeli Government and its decisions.
So far a lot of Israeli website been defaced, here are some of the sites:

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