Sony announces the PlayStation 4.

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Sony has just announced its latest gaming console: the PlayStation 4. “We believe that PlayStation 4 represents a shift from thinking of a box or console,” said Sony’s Andrew House. “PlayStation is the best place to play.” The console will be arriving in the holiday season of 2013, though unfortunately no pricing details were given, and Sony didn’t provide any glimpses of the new hardware.



Sony described the machine as being like a “supercharged” PC.

It runs off an x86-based CPU (central processing unit) – similar architecture to that found in most desktop computers – and an “enhanced” PC GPU (graphics processing unit). Both CPU and GPU are designed by the US firm Advanced Micro Devices (AMD).

It comes with the new DualShock 4 controller, which includes a touchpad, a “share button” and a lightbar, which allows a separate camera to track its movement.

“This is a complete controller upgrade with touch, share and better responsiveness,” said Brian Blau, an analyst at the tech consultancy Gartner.



They’ve also added a touch pad on the new DualShock.



“The new controller is the key to a better PS4 experience. It has the ability to share content easily, and brings in a component of touch that allows even more ways to interact with games.”

The console also includes new hardware dedicated to video compression to make it a more social device.

Users will be able to pause a game, select a few minutes of recorded video of their most recent activity, and instruct the clip to be uploaded to a social network.





Another new feature is that gamers can let one of their friends connect to their machine and take control of their character to help if they have got stuck, or allow several friends to watch their live progress as spectators. This facility uses technology from Gaikai.






PlayStation 4 games can be streamed to the PlayStation Vita, Sony’s portable game device, among other features.

“The architecture is like a PC in many ways, but supercharged to bring out its full potential as a gaming platform,” said Mark Cerny, Sony’s lead system architect.

James L. McQuivey, a Forrester analyst, said that for the PlayStation 4 to succeed, Sony needed to think beyond games. The console will have to provide other types of content and services, like video conferencing, third-party apps and a TV service to create a deeper, long-term relationship with the customer.




The power allows for 30,000 polygons to be rendered in real time (by way of comparison, Heavy Rain on the PS3 utilized 15,000). “Overall, our goal has been to architect the system to support a breadth of experiences,” said Cerny.

The images are just amazing and it’s like looking into a real person!



And this picture shows the partners working with PlayStation to bring new games and boy i’m waiting for it.


Sadly we didn’t had the chance to see the new Ps4 console as they said it will be out later on 2013, i wish they don’t miss things up by brining an ugly looking console, which i don’t think they will.

They’ve also demonstrate some of the games that will be out for PS4 such as Deep Down, Destiny by Bungie, Diablo and Watch dogs.

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