Apple Updates iOS to 6.1 – تحديث برمجه اجهزه آبل الى ٦.١

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Apple today updated iOS to version 6.1, adding LTE capabilities to 36 additional iPhone carriers and 23 additional iPad carriers around the world, so even more iPhone 5, iPad mini and iPad with Retina display users can experience ultrafast wireless performance to browse, download and stream content at blazing fast speeds. To date, iOS users have uploaded over nine billion photos to Photo Stream, sent over 450 billion iMessages and received over four trillion notifications.

Enjoy iPhone 5 users finally you can use the LTE network in Kuwait, just make sure you have the 4G LTE data plan.

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  1. rd says:

    من زمان التحديث 🙂

  2. rd says:

    iam joke tks

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