Toy Robot & Kuwait Flag in Space – لعبة و علم الكويت في الفضاء

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I’ve saw this video of a Toy Robot attached to a weather balloon flights into space on the Discovery channel it was amazing and the view was outstanding!

The robot and rig reached a height of over 95,000 feet (around 30,000 metres) above earth to film the blackness of space and the curvature of the earth, before the pressure popped the weather balloon and a parachute carried it back down to earth. We then found the robot and camera in a field 11 miles away using a mini GPS tracker.

They have used aGoPro HD Hero camera i saw it once in GoSport in the Avenues it costs about 100 KD.

This is the Toy Robot in Space video:

Read about how we did it here!

I’ve also found a Kuwaiti attempt of this project where they’ve used Kuwait Flag to be captured and flying from ground to the space it’s also amazing:

It seems here they’ve used an iPhone to track the balloon and to see where it lands, smart idea.

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