[Review] NESCAFE: Dolce Gusto Coffee Maker – محضر القهوة من نسكافيه

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This is an amazing machine that gives you the delicious coffee flavor the one you have in cafe’s right in your home and it’s really easy to use, I bought Dolce Gusto Genio for 59KD.


You can make cold or hot drinks as long as you have the capsules for it, I have Hot chocolate, cappuccino and espresso.


All you have to do is fill it with water from it’s back, you can use this water to make 2-4 cups depending on what you’re having but each capsule is only for one cup some drinks need’s 2 capsules like the Hot chocolate cause you’ll use a chocolate capsule and milk capsule.


on each capsule you’ll see small dots that shows you how much water you need to set on the machine before you start so you’ll have the right flavor, you don’t want a drink to be too light or too dark but you can always do it your way also if you don’t like their instructed mixture or strength.










What i like the most about it is that you don’t need to wash the machine at all cause every time you change the capsule you actually change the whole head, each box contains 16 capsule some of them will only make you 8 cups cause half of the capsules will be milk unlike the espresso, the capsules box is sold for 2.450 KD and there are a lot of flavors available you can check it out on their website: http://www.dolce-gusto.us

Dolce Gusto machines has 6 different kinds each one has a different shape and more options or can hold more water in it’s tank.

the capsules are available in co-ops and major supermarkets like Carefor or Sultan Center.

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