Facebook’s New Privacy Settings

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The shortcuts look like this, conveniently popped at the top right of the site.

Do this. Right now. Even if you think you know how you have your privacy toggles toggled, you should give it another look.

Go through the first two and make sure you have your settings the way you want them—it’s possible you’re sharing photos or status updates with the whole entire Internet and have no idea. You can also nick messages from strangers if that’s been a problem. Now that these tools are right in your face at all times, you’ve got no excuse for mixups—click up there periodically to make sure you have things adjusted the way you want them.

Now it’s time to do some scrubbing.

One potentially puzzling part of timeline is the discrepancy between hiding a photo and untagging it—just because you make it disappear from your view, doesn’t mean the rest of your Facebook bubble can’t see it. If you head to the revamped activity feed, you can set a new filter to show only invisible photos—images you’re tagged in that you can’t see on your own timeline, but are still out there, potentially making an ass of you. If you don’t like what you see, you can now untag in batches, making it easy to mass-untag compromising photos, invisible or otherwise.


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