Kuwait 50th constitution Day

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The Constitution of Kuwait was created in June 1961 by Emir Abdullah III Al-Salim Al-Sabah. The constitution establishes Kuwait as a constitutional monarchy and Islam as the state religion.

The Constitution of the Senate of Kuwait is based on the democratic principles and combines the positive aspects of both presidential and parliamentary systems prevalent in advanced democratic countries. The pillars of the Constitution are the sovereignty of the State, public freedom and equality before the law.

And thats what Kuwait is getting ready for, celebrate it’s 50th constitution day on the 10th of Nov, thats next week so make sure you’re free to attend this big celebration.

Where? From Kuwait Towers all the way to the green Island.

When? Starting at 3 pm, until 10 pm.

The Show will focus on 5 Canvases reflecting certain Value of the Celebration , it will include great amount of fireworks , lit Kites , Flying falcons , Floating Creatures , airplane Show , heliosphere acrobats …and much more.

This is the zones map on where it will take place:

here’s a teaser video:

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