[Review] The Cheesecake Factory ( @Cheesecake ) in The Avenues

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The big famous Cheesecake Factory opening soon in Kuwait on the 5th of Nov in The Avenues Phase-3 and we had the chance to try it as we received an invitation to their practice session to try out their dishes and rate them so they’ll be ready for the opening day.

As it’s called The Cheesecake Factory but they don’t just serve sweets it’s also a restaurant and they have one the best meals ever.

so let’s take a look at the place from the outside and the inside, as you can see it’s still covered till they open it officially.

here’s some pics from the inside

so it’s time to have a seat and follow our hosts :p

And so they’ve gave us the menu and told us we can order anything we want as long as we don’t eat too much so we can also have desserts and try them also.

bring down the food 😀 let’s take a look at the appetizers

Caesar Salad – we didn’t like it it’s wasn’t that good.

Buffalo Chicken – very delicious, it’s one of the thing you gotta try em’

now to go to the main dishes

Fried Shrimp platter – also good.

Fish and Chips – too greasy.

Grilled shrimp and bacon club – if you like sandwiches this one for you.

Rip Eye steak – try it medium well yummy yum!

Chicken Teryaki.

 afterwards it’s time for their spatiality and thats cheesecake

OREO Dream Extreme Cheesecake – it’s not like other oreo’s cake, when you eat it it’s not all oreo, it’s delicious.

so after we had ate all that they said you have to take a warm drink and so we did.



After all that food we were +full+, i’d like The Cheesecake Factory for their hospitality we’ve ready enjoyed their food and so all of you should also, give them a visit when they open you won’t regret it.

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