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The idea behind mazban is to create an online community of classifications. The way mazban developed is to allow hosting services such as networking with one another and posting ads seemingly, they’ve put a lot of efforts thinking of scenario and making the site in a way that would be extremely easy and advance in the same time.

The site would allow an anonymous user to post directly into mazban without even registering, which mean users who don’t have time can just go in, create a post and walk away. In the same time, it was developed to allow other type of users, to create accounts, track their favorite users and see posts by them as they come up.

I’ve had the chance to interview the makers of Mazban.com to get to know them and their vision of their website.

  • What does Mazban means anyway?
    An Arabic word that literally means a safe haven, from the elements of weather or safety, it is a word however known to be used heavily in the Arabian Gulf countries, but have lost its common usage along with other words in the region. There is also a male name driven from the root of this word Zaben which means He who sought safety in the Mazban. Other meaning can be found in a slight alternation to the word, In Persian Mezban literally meaning a host, the word now means ‘community feasting’, a tradition that originated in Chittagong region.
  • Talk about your self and where are you from?
    My self is from Saudi Arabia, I was raised and born in Kuwait, have a great passion for technology and specifically web programming. 7 years ago, i started working in zain, in the IT department where i met Tariq. Last year, myself and Tariq started scoping and putting this idea into papers and before we know it, we were coding and testing. Originally, we wanted to establish something to be proud of, on a personal level and local achivement that can be recognized by community.We started by establishing some ground roles, we decided for instant that the project must be written from scratch, we built and developed the entire application bottom up using the latest technologies, mazban currently setting on cloud computing platform, it is coded using python which famous for being used constantly by google for its high performance.
  • What inspired you to make this website?
    Our inspiration is driven by achievement and creating the first platform with source code written from scratch. The reason we choose this concept because we wanted to create a concept where people highly benefit from, a concept that people can point too and say, we use this to trade and its locally made.
  • is Mazban.com a GCC copy of the famous craiglist.com ?
    We have no association with craigslist, but craigslist is a great business model, we definitely spent endless amount of hours going through all the similar concepts out there. We learned a lot from them, in so many ways, we are the closest thing to craigstlist’s approach, but yet, we are completely different. The features we provide comes from thinking of mazban as a community service website, not only classification. We made sure that users can post in the simplest wags possible, yet users can take a step into the advanced features we provide, such as registration through social media sites, connecting with friends and favorite traders.


so folks there you have it, you can advertise all you want for free and even anonymous on Mazban, it sound like a good deal to me ;D

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    It’s always a pleasure to be part of your post, it was nice and smooth interviewing with you and am very confident that we will have plenty of encounter in the future.

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