[Review-Restaurant] The Dragon: Japanese Cruise

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I always see this restaurant when i’m on the 4th ring road heading to Jabriya cause this is a catching drawing inside the place where a samurai is fighting with a dragon it’s so obvious even when you’re away in distance and so i had the chance to give it a visit and try it out, excuse my bad photo’s it’s all takin’ with my old mobile that i will never change :p

this is the drawing i told you about :p it looks cool, the two heads there are the chefs heads hehe, let the eating begins!!

The famous Ebi Tampura – it’s shrimps… big once

Rock Shrimps

Negimaki – broiled strips of beef rolled with scallions

Golden Dragon (left) it’s shrimp with salamon

Spicy Shrimp rolls (right)

There was also a salad but i didn’t had the chance to take a photo of cause we were starving :p i didn’t like the rolls and i find it hard for me to pick the best once since i don’t eat craps and i love shrimp, it wasn’t even expansive on the look of other japanese places.

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