Microsoft’s new tablet “Surface”

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Surface is the name Microsoft’s chosen for its own-brand line of tablets, powered by Windows 8. There are two versions, both of which have 10.6-inch screens, and pop-out kickstands at the back.

Microsoft did not announce a price or release date. Expect the RT model to cost about the same as the iPad. The Pro model will probably be pretty expensive.

Surface features a choice of two screen covers, which attach magnetically and fold down to reveal a keyboard. The Touch Cover has touch-sensitive keys and is 3mm thick, but with hardly any depth to the actual keys, it could be tough to know when you’ve actually pressed one.


Here’s Surface specifications:

I think Microsoft is trying as much as they can to compete with Apple and Samsung since they have more than half of the market, the tablet looks good but i don’t know if the people would ditch their tablets and use Surface… remember Zune? no? it’s like an iPod but didn’t get out wide.

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