Frozen yogurt from @Home_Berry

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I’ve always saw a car with Home Berry logo on the streets but i didn’t know it was a frozen yogurt van that serves you at your home door, in our last family gathering my big bro asked me if i want a frozen yogurt go out and have one, i didn’t get it i thought it was a joke but when i got out i found this van parked in front of our house.

As their facebook page says they are available on these times:

Every DAY From –


With more than 20 toppings available.

Minimum charge for delivery is only KD 5.

Pricing list:

Small – KD 2
Medium – KD 3
Large – KD 3.5

and this is my niece enjoying her yogurt :p

Contact them on twitter @Home_Berry , Mobile: 99220094.


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