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I’ve always wanted to go to a spa to have a massage, just relax, get away from everybody and every one thanks to my friend i finally did.

This is my first time i ever try one it was really nice, Therapist say:

Getting a massage every one or two weeks is ideal. Once a month is minimum for maintaining your muscle pliancy.

Once you’re feeling good, once a month is probably the minimum for maintaining the health of your tissue. If you start stretching the massages out too far, then your muscles can revert to their old patterns and you’ll have to start all over again to restore their suppleness and pliancy. Listen to your body, but don’t wait too long in an effort to save money.

Any ways let get back to the spa, we called 2 days before to reserve and since it was my first time i didn’t know what i’m doing so i’ve selected something random hehe

So i’ve went with the “Papaya Body Peel” i don’t know why LOL and apparently i had to take all my clothed off but they cover the “Things” with a towel if you’re concern :p

It was 150 Min (2:30 Hours) treatment of body massage and body scrubbing and jacuzzi, a complete relaxation.

Here’s the reception we were waiting for them to get the room ready and they serve us some chinese tea or whatever :p i didn’t like it a bit LOL, they also gave me an application to fill about my health condition for the safety of me and them.

This was my first room it also has a shower inside i had my massage here for about an hour, the second room had a jacuzzi but i don’t have a picture of it, they left me enjoying it for about 20 minutes then another massage and some kind of a body mask, he’ve asked me to take a shower 3 times -_- after every treatment.

This is the final place, it’s called the Relaxing Room, after we finished our massage they sat us down here to enjoy the music and have a cup of tea and a salted green apple.

It was a really nice experment for me and i think i’ll do it again whenever i had a chance, everyone should get some rest from work you know.


Location: Muhallab Mall – Last Floor
For Reservation:  22625600, 22625900
Website: http://www.mentime-ku.com

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  1. Q8me says:

    والله ماتوقعته جذي كشخه

  2. Hasan says:

    سؤال حرج.. لازم تتعرى بالكامل؟ .. وإلا أودي معاي شورت أو شي؟

    ويعطيك العافية ع الموضوع

    • outlawq8 says:

      لا ما تتعرى بالكامل الا اذا كان الي انت طالب غسول كامل للجسم, اما المساج العادي عادي راح تكون لابس ملابسك الداخليه او اذا تبي تلبس شورت عادي

      الله يعافيك, اي استفسار حاضر

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