CSC recommends pay rise for Kuwaiti private sector employees

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The Civil Service Commission (CSC) has sent to the Kuwaiti cabinet a recommendation for raising the monthly pay for Kuwaitis employed by private sector institutions, CSC Chairman Abdulaziz Al-Zaben said Tuesday.

“The suggested pay increment will fall in nine categories according to the educational qualifications of the employees,” Al-Zaben told KUNA after the meeting by the CSC Board chaired by Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance and acting chairman of Civil Service Council Mustafa Al-Shimali.

“The first category of employees, including physicians, pharmacists and engineers, are entitled to receive KD 330 pay rise,” he revealed.

“The second category, covering the professions of law, accounting, information systems, economy, teaching and nursing, is allocated KD 280 pay rise; and the third category – bachelor’s degree holders in other specifications – KD 230 pay rise.

“The fourth category – doctorate holders – is set aside KD 150 in addition to the pay rise specified to a bachelor’s degree holder as per their respective specifications; and the fifth – master’s degree holders – KD 75 in addition to the pay rise specified to a bachelor’s degree holder as per their respective specifications.

“The sixth category – diploma after a high school and at least two-year schooling or training – is allocated KD 190; the seventh – high school certificate – KD 140; the eighth – junior high school – KD 100; and the ninth – without educational qualifications – KD 50,” Al-Zaben explained.

The CSC also recommended nominating a number of assistant undersecretaries at state departments and renewing the terms of other leading decision makers, he went on.

“Today’s meeting, after discussing the problems facing the implementation of the teachers’ benefits act, approved an increment of KD 40 per month for members of the teaching staff of the schools affiliated to the Ministry of Education,” he added.


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