#Anonymous 3rd day attacks – #OpMegaupload

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the 3rd day of #OpMegaupload and the attacks are not stopping, today we even have some websites hacked some of them are:

1- justinbieberweb.com
2- selenagomezweb.com
3- paulafernandes.com.br
4- universalmusic.com.br
5- hadopi.fr [UPDATED]

And still Ddosing some website and till now those are the “tango down” sites:

1- visa.com.br
2- aflcio.org
3- sejm.gov.pl
4- pm.go.gov.br
5- allsupergames.com [UPDATED]
6- abpd.org.br [UPDATED]
7- psdp-mg.org.br [UPDATED]
8- universalmusic.com [UPDATED]
9- mkidn.gov.pl [UPDATED]
10- premier.gov.pl [UPDATED]
11- anti-piracy.nl [UPDATED]
12- mastercard.com.br [UPDATED]
12- prezydent.gov.pl [UPDATED]
13- monsanto.com [UPDATED]
14- http://www.ecad.org.br/ [UPDATED]
15- http://www.fightpiracy.com [on 22\1]

As long as there are free minds the internet will stay free and open to everyone and i dont think the attacks are going to be stopping any time soon.

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