#Anonymous strikes again today – #OpMegaupload

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After the shut down of Megaupload.com and the huge attack yesterday they are doing it today brining government sites down to express about how they feel.

As they said on twitter by @Anon_Central :
“This is now a global event! Chain reaction which will not stop! #Megaupload””

Todays attack until now are “Tango down”:

1- police.govt.nz
2- hadopi.fr
3- usdoj.gov
4- anti-piracy.be [UPDATED]
5- store.warnerbrosshop.com [UPDATED]
6- justice.gov [UPDATED]

Anonymouse: “we don’t forgive, we do not forget”.

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  1. mouarf says:

    it’s not hadope.fr but hadopi.fr !

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