New hack targets Israeli stock exchange and El Al Airlines

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After last weeks cyber attack on Israel credit cards today we have a new hack attempt on Israeli stock exchange, as MA’AN News Agency announced:

Saudi hackers have hacked into the Israeli stock exchange and a website owned by the country’s national airline El Al, news reports said Monday.

A Saudi hacker behind recent attacks told Israel’s Ynet news site in advance of the latest attack, the site reported. The pro-Palestinian group is referring to itself as “Nightmare.”

The site of El Al crashed but officials at Israel’s flag carrier would not confirm or deny the incident was the work of hackers.

“El Al is aware that for the past two weeks cyber war rages against Israel,” El Al said in an emailed statement. “The company closely monitors the Saudi hacker’s activity.”

El Al also said it had taken precautions that could result in disruptions to their website.

Computer hackers disrupted the website of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) on Monday but trade was not affected, a spokeswoman for the bourse said.

“There has been an attack by hackers on the access routes to the (TASE) website. The stock exchange’s trading activities are operating normally,” said Orna Goren, deputy manager of the exchange’s marketing and communications unit.

The bourse’s website could be accessed intermittently.


i guess things are getting out of control and the first hack by OxOmar really encourage other hackers to unleash their power on Israeli websites and servers to take them down, if this continued there will be a cyber war for sure and since there is no response or maybe the Israeli hackers planing for something big… or maybe the Saudi security are more advanced for them?

i like cyber wars and breaking servers securities it remind me of my old days :p

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