[EuroTrip] Preparations before the trip

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in this post i’m going to talk about how to prepare for this kind of trips and what you need to know and all that, i think my trip was great and all we did was a tiny miny mistake is we did it all the way around :p i mean we should’ve started in france since its far more than germany to kuwait, so it will be a long flight back home but it’s ok to me.

my flight was on Emirates Airways (Kuwait – Dubai – Munich) and on the way back was (Paris – Dubai – Kuwait) thank god we found a 2 hours transit flights cause most of them were like 12 hours or a day and i really don’t want to waste my time in airports -_- the flight costed me 245 KD (and durning Eid it was ONLY to dubai 190 KD, WTF!!) the price was really good for it.

so before going you should read about the places you want to visit and countries and schedule everything, i’ve rented a car during my stay i’ve took it from Munich airport and dropped it off at CDG Paris airport.

i’ve used http://www.arguscarhire.com/ to rent the car and here are some tips when renting one:

  • make sure you take the full insurance just in case something happens.
  • make sure it has unlimited miles.
  • if you’re going on a long trip like i did don’t rent an expensive car or a v8 cause the gas is expensive over there you might even take a diesel car.
  • make sure you have the right tires if you’re out in winter.
  • always make sure you have a GPS.
half of the fun i had in this journey was driving though all those places and mountains, also you can control how you’re going to make this trip go, like if you want to stay one more day in a place or you want to change the way you’re going it always better with a car under your hand and you can visit anywhere you want just set up your GPS and drive :D.
some facts about my car:
  • i’ve used EuropeCar and i didn’t face any problem with it.
  • i’ve drived more than 2000 KM across europe.
  • my car was on Benzene and all the trip costed me about 130-140 KD for the fuel.
  • the car rental + full insurance costed €821 (about 300 KD).
  • they gave me a VW Touran.
ok enough about the car, now i’m going to tell you what i did and how was my heading, when i was in kuwait before leaving i’ve booked only one hotel and that was on the first place i was going to be visiting which is in Munich, and make sure when you book a place it has 2 major things (Car Parking and Free Wifi) cause the car parkings are expensive like €25 (9 KD) a day and it’s rare that you find free parking in cities and the Wifi is for booking for other places and read about where you’re going and places to visit online so make sure you have a laptop or an iPad its really useful, my booking agent for hotels was www.booking.com :p it’s easy, fast, no booking fees, you’re best friend for hotels lol.
make sure you take the right clothing and heavy if you’re going in winter and use good gloves lol believe me you’ll need them, i didn’t take a lot of clothing with me i took for about 5 days then i did all the shopping in Milano :p but it’s your call LOL.
thats all for now the next posts will be about the places i’ve been to and hotel reviews, take care.
PS: make sure you take out an international driving license KT with you when you go and take even you’re local driving license, you have to take the BOTH with you.

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