Back home from a long Eurotrip

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i’ve been away from blogging for a while, well it was 15 days, i was out of the country having an adventure and damn it was a great one, i went to europe for the first time and had so much fun moving from country from another.

i’ve visited 5 countries (Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France) i drove over +2000 KM across europe between mountains, lakes, cities and tunnels.

i’m going to blog about the trip in the next days each post will be about a place i’ve visited and review hotels i stayed in and even tell you how to get things done in these kinds of trips.

i got back to kuwait today so i gotta rest and talk all about this magnificent trip really soon.

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  1. flfo0o6 says:

    welcome back yah 7lw nawrt aldeera

  2. q8-supplier says:

    el7mdlelah 3la elslama taw ma nawrt eldera

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