BlackBerry 9860 is available now @ZainKuwait

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You can get the BlackBerry Torch 9860 with the largest touchscreen of any Blackberry at 3.7 inches and amazing next-generation software. Get it at a discounted price or even for free by subscribing to a Wiyana Mix package starting at KD 15.

After subscribing to your very own Wiyana Mix package, you can get your device through one of the following methods:

  • A reduced retail price
  • Monthly payments with a commitment of 18 months
  • Free (with the commitments listed below)

The Price :

(with 18 months commitment to Wiyana Mix)

(Full Payment / Monthly Payment)

Wiyana Mix package of KD 15 or above

KD 88 / KD 5.5

Wiyana Mix package of KD 30 or above

KD 40 / KD 2.5

Wiyana Mix package of KD 50 or above


Standalone (no commitment)

KD 140 / KD 8

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