[Review] Sikkaa.com – Play Football!

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You like football? you find it hard to find a team to play with? not any more Sikkaa.com is here for you, you can register on the site make an account for your team a competitor, simple as that.

i actually told friends of mine about this site and they loved the idea, you can browse teams, places and even what kind of place and day you always play in everything is categories for your needs, here’s a snapshot of the site:

you could see there are 2 teams in that snapshot and you can specify the city you play in, the kind of field and preferred time or day of the week, the creator of this website really thought about everything you need.

and you can always contact the admin if you ever had any suggestion or question about it. *Click Here*

thank for the admin Abdullah AL Shemmeri for sending this image of an actual match

give it a visit http://www.sikkaa.com you wont regret it if you like to kick off .

Twitter: @SikkaaDotCom 



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