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i’ve heard a lot of this company from my friends and bloggers so i was curious to get my own connection and enjoy my 10Mbits connection, so i went yesterday to The Avenues and got one, i payed 60 KD for 3 months subscription and 40KD for the router (total 100KD) but before i got it i’ve asked about the coverage in my area they told me it was ok, so everything was good for me.

but sadly when i tried it at home it was very slow even while browsing websites and while i download a file i hardly get 30, 40 or 100KB\s max speed, i’ve tried more than one website it was really poor,, so i called their costumer care they told me my area is good but the block next to me has a poor coverage and my house is between those two area so i can’t enjoy this service :(.

good for me i can give them back the router and they’ll refund my money cause they have a 7 days trial if you don’t like the service or have a problem with it you can refund your money and that what i’m gonna do first day in the morning.

this is my speed test with Mada:

and this is me connecting to my mobile internet connection (it’s up to 7.2 Mb):

so i’ll stay with my mobile connect for now since it has higher speed and it do the job, i guess i have to wait till they have better coverage and get it back.

2 days ago i’ve checked their website they didn’t had the coverage area on there but today they have it you can check it before getting one, Click Here for Mada coverage areas.

Mada Official Website: http://www.mada.com.kw
Twitter: @Mada_Kuwait

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  1. bu jwees says:

    Wallah yal 3bd makoo b3d fastelco wayeed saree3

  2. enigma says:

    your speeds are pretty decent, where do you live?

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