Wataniya Telecom is stupid….

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i never liked this company and they made me hate it even more after what happened to me and i’m gonna make you the judge in this issue just follow the whole story.

my mom has a post paid line at Wataniya so she wanted to activate an internet connection for her phone so we called them on 7\Sep asking for it, it was a 7 kd connection with 500 mb limit, and so they said they did activate it and sent us the configuration message we saved it and all but nothing was activated, so mom told me about it i called them the next day and waited for about 12 minutes until someone answered me and the person i was talking to was like doesn’t know what he was doing and all i was hearing in the call is just him typing and not saying anything and i’m like “are you there?” he replays with “yeah just a second” and i wait for 3 minutes then he decide to transfer me to the tech support he told me they’ll be calling me as soon as possible and i hang up waiting for them.

and so they called me within 30 minutes the tech guy was eating a candy or something cause i can hear something juggling in his mouth and he was asking me “what connection did you activate?” and i was like ” i don’t know you tell me!!” after the same silence and just typing around he asked me about the setting i told him i’ve already did it and tried another mobile and it’s the same, so he told me he’ll transfer this problem to the network department they’ll handle it and i was saying to my self yeah it happens maybe it’s a network thing.

after two days we received a message from them telling us the problem been solved so i tried again but it didn’t work!! so i called them and waited for 5 minutes till someone answered and i told him about the problem and about the task orders and they sent me a message telling me it was solved but it wasn’t so he told me to try installing the access point name in capital letters, so i said to my self “yeah maybe it’s case sensitive i’ll give it a try” and i did but it still not working!!

i called them back again an indian fellow answered me i told him everything all over he said everything is working on his side i told him to ask the tech people but he said no everything is perfect and i should visit any of Wataniya’s branch they have tech support they can help me, i got on my nerves but i was calm told him ok i’ll do that.

the next day my parents went to a branch and after 20 minutes of the tech girl over there trying to set the access point names and turning it off and back on they asked for our phone number… we gave them they checked on their system and told us the service is not activated!! WTF!!! they told us we have to send a message to activate it!! why the hell do i have to send a message? why do i have to call you to activate it and then send a message? what kind of stupid service do you guys deliver? we asked them why didn’t they all tell us? he said “maybe they were new employees and didn’t know”!!!


  • 4 Costumer care employees don’t know what they are working there for
  • 1 stupid tech support guy
  • 1 stupid network guy
  • 1 stupid tech person at they branch who didn’t first check our phone number to see what the problem is before wasting his time trying to setup the mobile
they only reason my mom can’t change her number is cause all of her friends know this number and it’s hard to transfer them to a new one, after all this story you’ll agree with me that it’s a stupid company.

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  1. Shaimaa says:

    they did that to me 2 i waited for 1 week untill black berry service activated !!
    i called them every day and they know nothing about it all what they can do is to Sent me a trouble ticket and i should wait for 24 hrs. then i got a massage that the it SOLVED !! and nothing is done, i called 121 they all ready don’t know what to do, at the end they told me to Visit the Main Branch for the Tech. support Dep. and then they solved it after 1 hr. !!
    i don’t know what the hell is worng with Wataniya and thier Call Center.

    • outlawq8 says:

      exactly my point!! you have to go to the branch to get your work done! why the did they made a call center if they don’t know what to do? all of their employees are new? what a shame.

  2. Kasia says:

    I got your point. I had the same problem, bought the package for KD 7, they sent me a message or I did ( cannot remember now) and they told me to put a special code in my phone ( HTC – Android) settings, I could not do it, so had to go there again and ask them. The customer service lady said..Ooo yes it is an Android, I will do it for you”. So I asked if I could see how to do it, she said it is a special configuration ( like she was disarmins a nuclear warhead) and she could not show me. So I asked if the f…( sorry I lost it there) configuration was so sophisticated why the hell they did not fix it for me when I was there two day before to establish the net connection.!!!
    their on line customer service sucks big time!! If you waited 5 min, you are lucky. I also had a problem with roaming, established roaming, went travellling and….it was not working!!! It took my husband two days to convience them that he is my husband ( after giving them my ID number, name, etc) so they set it up.
    I would change the operator long time ago but I had the wataniya cell number prined all over my business cards so it will be a pain.

    • outlawq8 says:

      my mobile also was an android and they act strange about it, it’s like a got it from mars or something “handle with caution” and don’t get me starting about how much you should wait till someone answer your call it’s been 6 days and i’m calling them every day the minimum was 4 minutes.

      thank you for sharing what happened to you.

  3. h-alowais says:

    Yeah man weyak 7ag Ana kan 3ndy prepaid watanya ma swaitlah charge for two months and I called them to ask about it they said just recharge it and it well be working
    The next day its not working at all

    Very bad customer service !!

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