[Review] Villa Fairouz Restaurant

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we got tired of western food so we wanted labanesse food we got tired of thinking of a place to we decide to go to Villa Fairouz in Al-Shaab, i want to apologies for the quality of the pictures cause its kind of dark inside.

so we arrived to the place and thank god they have valet parking otherwise we would have a major problem due a lack of parking spots.

take a look at the tasty dishes menu

Hummus Karawma (Not Shawarma) – Chicken Liver

Arayes meat with cheese

Mixed Grill

The meat is so good you could swallow it without chewing

gotta have some tea after those dishes :p

any way the food was very VERY delicious all the dishes were fantastic, the place is good even if you want Shisha they serve it there, although the waiter had a bad attitude which we didn’t like at all but beside that it was fantastic.

but all those good things had a price and an expensive one actually, take a look at the bill, we were 4

i know we ordered a lot but come on 55 KD! i think that is just over!!


My Rating:

Food: 5\5
Service: 4\5 (cause of the bad waiter )
Price: 2\5 (TOO EXPENSIVE)



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