Subliminal Messages

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so as my friend “lightened” me with this thing and showed me some example of this horrifying thing and i’ll show you some of them,,,

major companies use this sort of messages in their advertisement and mostly to send an indirect sexual messages to bring attention to people and make them keep their eyes on them, check out this one and you’ll know what i mean:

it looks ok like this but try looking at it upside down and you’ll get the idea…… if you thing this is sick then wait till i show you what we used to hear and watch when we were kids, it seems that Disney movies are full of this things but we were so young to figure it out and there are so many sexual subliminal messages in famous movies like Aladdin, Lion King and others, check out this video i found in youtube

creepy isn’t it? and thats just some of the thing you could search all over the net for videos and ads and see plenty of those scary things,,, the question i keep on thinking about is why would they send those kind of messages? trying to turn the kids sexuality on? and? what will happen then? 😐

i guess even kids movies aren’t for kids any more…

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