Superman on my Macbook

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while i was looking around the net looking for a cover or something to protect my Macbook i found something really cool and it’s not even a cover or a protector hehe, it’s some kind of a sticker with a funny good looking with the Apple sign being lighted on,,, you’ll get the full image of how cool it looks like in the end.

so i ordered this from amazon but i think they have their own website as i google i found this site it has the same logo so i think its theirs and theres also or you could just use :p

any how this is my package once recieved


wooohoooo AppleStyx rocks,,,, and once i opened the package superman was there waiting to be installed

also the installation instructions but who has time to read? youtube will solve the problem

it looks really easy to install the sticker but its not, you have to be really calm and installed it perfectly on the apple sign otherwise it wont look that cool at all, so this is my Macbook before:

and this is after i tried for 15 minutes to get it installed correcly

as it says that after installing it i have to put on a pressure using a credit card cause it does the job and it did a great job actually, this is the final look of my superman macbook 😀

you gotta love superman 😀 i think it looks really awesome, you can find other really good stickers at the websites i mentioned earlier, sometimes it good to show how great your things are then to cover it with some plain plastic :p

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